Your AUTOMATED Sliding Doors

Join the trend of farmers & professionals who are choosing our trusted, patented Propel Operator to automate their barn, shed, and workshop sliding doors.


  • Industrial strength motors with only 1 moving part
  • Quiet operation
  • Obstacle detection & safety sensors
  • No loss in opening height.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Compatible with door openings from 3′ up to 60′
  • DIY – Easy to Install/ Plug in Play
  • 5-year warranty on opener; 2 years on accessories.

trusted by farmers & professionals

I just push the button when I’m down here and by the time I get up there, the door is open. I smile to myself every time.

Kent P., NE

I’ve been waiting for this for 25 years!

Cary B., IL

“I wouldn’t want to be without my automatic doors. They’re a time saver. I have remotes in every tractor and every vehicle.”

Mark S., IL

“I’m a pilot. I used to have to bring the airplane up here, shut it off, climb out, go through the office, open the doors manually, come back out here, get in the airplane, restart it, taxi in and then get out and close the doors manually. This is so much better. So much better.”

Bill F., MO

“This was a much more cost effective option than replacing the door.”

Mark B., IL

“I love it. It’s so easy, so
convenient. It can be added to any existing building.”

Steve C., IL

“It’s really nice to be in the
house and push the button. By the time you get outside, the doors are open.”

Ed L., IL

“You have a nice pickup. Why should it sit out most of the time? Now I have an opener and I’m ready to roll.”

Mark C., IL

“This thing makes my life so much easier. I just push the button, drive out of the shop and push the button again. What a time saver!”

Mike S., IA

“I was going to put an overhead door in, but it would make the shed look funny and this was cheaper. It works great.”

John G., IL

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