of the Propel System

  • Powerful motors with only 1 moving part
  • Industrial strength
  • Very quiet operation
  • Internal obstacle detection and photo cell safety sensors
  • No loss in opening height. Minimal loss in opening width
  • No maintenance required
  • Soft start and stop reduces stress, increases safety and durability
  • Works on doors up to 48 feet wide
  • Easy to install
  • 5-year warranty on opener; 2 years on accessories.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Propel System

How wide of a door will your opener work on?

Our openers will work on single doors up to 24′¬†wide and double doors up to 48′ wide.

Does your opener only work on steel doors or will it work on wood or aluminum doors as well?

Our openers will work on any sliding door regardless of the material.

My door seems to drag a little and it is hard to move. Will your opener still work?

Before installing any opener, every door must be adjusted so that it rolls smoothly and is free from major obstructions. When your system is installed by an authorized Propel installer, a certain amount of time is included to adjust and align your doors.

Our Satisfied Customers

what they're saying about the Propel System.

"I was going to put an overhead door in, but it would make the shed look funny and this was cheaper. It works great."

− John G.

"You have a nice pickup. Why should it sit out most of the time? Now I have an opener and I'm ready to roll."

− Mark C.

"This thing makes my life so much easier. I just push the button, drive out of the shop and push the button again. What a time saver!"

− Mike S.

On Television

as featured on the popular show, Man Caves!

The Propel Sliding Door system can be used on any sized sliding doors, whether inside your “man cave”, or on your 30′ shed doors protecting your equipment, and your livelihood. Check out the video and see if you can spot our revolutionary new system in action!